Ignite Chiropractic’s i3 Care Plan

To ensure consistent results and an added level of control over the quality of patient care, Ignite Chiropractic has developed an efficient care plan. Each patient undergoes a journey from experiencing debilitating symptoms, to understanding the factors that lead to these symptoms, to relief, to continued improvements in health and longevity.

Throughout, our licensed Fargo chiropractic specialist Dr. Josh Albrecht advises the patient on steps they can take to empower their own healthy lifestyle. Dr. Albrecht also adjusts the care plan in accordance with the patient’s ongoing journey through healing. We always consult the latest research and best practices in order to deliver true, repeatable results that lead to long-lasting positive health outcomes. Our promise is that every patient will receive the personal attention they need to get relief and feel more energized.


Our first step is to assess your current condition from head to toe along with any symptoms you have been experiencing. Afterwards, we empower you by delivering the knowledge you need to be inspired about your health choices and take positive actions. We help you gain a complete understanding of what is happening within your body’s skeletal and nervous system. Then, we recommend a comprehensive care plan Ignite Chiropractic can use to bring you relief and restore you back to your body’s natural healthy state.


Once you have a clear understanding of what is going on in your body and are ready to take control of your health, we start the process of achieving optimal health through gentle, targeted adjustments. Our earlier assessment informs us of exactly what types of specific, scientific care you need to restore maximum functionality to your nervous system and promote the flow of energy throughout your body. With time and repetition, we will start to turn the power on and illuminate your body’s God-given natural healing processes from the inside-out.


At this point, we have ignited your body’s natural healing process and immune responses. We will continue to stoke the flame through progressive health visits that assess your ongoing journey and the state of your bodily systems’ functionality. Ongoing care helps encourage constant positive lifestyle choices and correct any spinal misalignments or small imbalances that have developed since your last visit. Patients receive the attentive care they need to keep their flame of health burning bright. This light from your improved health will become a beacon to others in the Fargo-Moorhead community so that you can start the process of inspiring them.