Dr. Josh Albrecht  – Co-Founder and Chiropractor

Dr. Josh Albrecht grew up in Wahpeton, ND.  His first experience with chiropractic was as an athlete.  Chiropractic care allowed him to return quickly after an injury and play at his best.  This introduction gave Dr. Josh a passion for helping people that led him to the University of North Dakota where he earned a Bachelors of Science in Biology with an emphasis on Health Sciences.

While at UND, Dr. Josh received chiropractic care and saw others getting better as well.  This led him to pursue chiropractic school so he could help others heal from the inside-out.  Dr. Josh then continued his education at Logan University, where he achieved a Doctorate of Chiropractic with honors.  More importantly, Dr. Josh learned the true power of Principled Chiropractic care.  Under consistent care, not only did the pain he was experiencing go away, but so did his anxiety attacks and sinus problems.  That led to his belief that the body is a self-healing and self-regulating organism.  He says, “The body has a greater ability to heal itself that we have ever given it credit for.”

Certified Advanced Proficiency in Torque Release Technique

Member of the North Dakota Chiropractic Association

Member of the International Chiropractic Association

Logan College of Chiropractic, Cum Laude, Doctorate of Chiropractic

University of North Dakota, Bachelors of Science, Biology, Health Sciences


Jenna Albrecht – Co-Founder

I am proud and honored to join my husband, Dr. Josh, in serving the community and educating people on how God created our bodies to heal from the inside out, through principled chiropractic. I will have more of an office manager role in the practice and sometimes when I am in, you may see me carrying around one or both of our daughters! We have a 2 year old and a 1 year old, Rileigh and Sophie. I look forward to serving the community and helping people to allow their bodies to function the way God intended!

My Chiropractic Story:
I have experienced first hand the benefits of Principled Chiropractic care in my life and my children’s!

I first started Chiropractic care when I was a kid for an injury and then I remained going based upon pain. As an adult, I continued to go periodically when I was in pain. I also experienced several headaches a week and took a lot of ibuprophen. I then became educated and learned the importance of consistent principled chiropractic adjusts for my overall health and wellness. When I got under consistent care, I no longer suffer from multiple headaches a week. I now get them very infrequently! During both of my pregnancies, I received consistent principled chiropractic adjustments, which allowed me to have very little pain throughout pregnancy. I also experienced two very short, natural, and very minimal pained labors! And both our daughters were adjusted shortly after birth! Today, we all continue to get adjusted on a regular basis.

  • B.S. Early Childhood Education
Chiropractic Assistant

Kayla  – Chiropractic Assistant

Hi! My name is Kayla Lee. I’m a very creative, fun-loving girl, full of laughter and smiles. I’m married to my amazing, logical, and left-brained husband Jonathan, who evens out my personality perfectly. We enjoy cooking, traveling, and simply being together!

I grew up on a Red and White Holstein dairy farm near Fergus Falls, Minnesota. After graduating high school and Association Free Lutheran Bible School in Plymouth, MN, I moved to Orange County, California as a live-in Nanny for a wonderful family. Talk about being a small-town farm girl living in the “BIG” city! This was a great opportunity and experience that I will cherish for the rest of my life.

After I moved back to the Midwest, I worked and completed my Associates Degree in Medical Administration. Fast forward about a year and a half, and I found myself searching for Chiropractic Care. Ignite Chiropractic was a small office I was excited to learn about. They taught me so much and I found that being under principled chiropractic care changed the way I looked at my health.

Shortly thereafter, God opened some doors and I had the opportunity to work for Ignite. My husband encouraged me to be like Nike and “Just Do It,” so I jumped in, and I am so happy I did!

I really enjoy working in our office environment with our team. I get the opportunity to work with people every day and help them get closer to their optimal health. I have a passion for health and healing and truly believe that God created the body, therefore He is the best one to heal it. I appreciate the opportunity to be a light through my work and give the Glory to God, the creator and healer.